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Victory Flags
     When I worked at the Santa Barbara County Public Defenders Office, Michael Ganschow, a senior lawyer in the office would occasionally give out awards at happy hour.  One was for when another young lawyer was standing up to a judge, Ganschow gave that lawyer a coffee mug inscribed with, "F**k you, you f*****g f**k."  He of course did not use the censored language, and if he were still alive probably wouldn't approve of me using censored language, but I think it's best to keep the website PG13.  That mug was one of the more colorful prizes.
     When I was at the Riverside County Public Defenders Office there was a point when there was no recognition of trial wins.  There had been something called the "golden spike" which seemed to have more to do with railroad worker success than criminal defense success, but that's what we had.  It was an e-mail announcement if the person doing the golden spikes thought the win was worthy, so there were no criteria for what got a golden spike.  In any event the golden spikes were no longer being done.
     I started Victory Flags, which have objective rules as to what earns a flag.  I even wrote out the Rules and History of Victory Flags so anyone can know what earns a flag (and quite frankly so I could remember what the rules are).
     Now Victory flags are going into cyberspace here on my website.  Flags are hard to earn so there's an additional recognition of lawyers that earn five of them (read the Rules and History and it'll all make sense to you) and those are lawyers listed below. 
     Below are the jury trial aces.  The lawyer's name links to his or her Ace Frame (again read the Rules and History and it'll make sense to you).  The plan is for the city where the works out of to eventually link to the lawyer's full trial win list (if a lawyer has eight flags, only five are list on the Ace Frame).  Right now I only have the jury trial aces listed, the plan is to add all the people who have gotten flags.
     If you're someone that I've given a flag and have gotten more wins since the last time I gave you a flag, just e-mail me (rasteele@steeledefender.com) the case prints and I'll catch you up.  If I've never made flags for you, send me case prints for any cases that you think count (after reading the Rules and History) and I'll make you flags.  Don't worry if you don't know me, I've made a lot of flags for lawyers I don't know because they're a friend of a friend.  Making flags is kind of my hobby, I enjoy doing it, so don't feel like you're imposing on me.  I'm happy that my flags have now spread to several counties, I'd like to see them spread even more.  The first list below is everyone for whom I've ever made a flag, the second list is all the aces.
     Also, the next thing on my list for Victory Flags is to put together subset aces for lawyers that have won five of a certain kind of case, like Murder Trial Ace, 290 Trial Ace (for trials where the client was saved from registration by trial), Felony Trial Ace, and as you can see below, I've done those.  I have other ideas like, DV Trial Ace and DUI trial Ace and those were just what I could think of off the top of my head.  So if you have an idea for a subset ace, just let me know.  The subset aces I've done are below, if there's requests for more, I'll do them.
Everyone for whom I've ever made a flag: 
Arezou Bakhtjou, Fresno
Jennifer Bender, Riverside
Kim Bhatia, Riverside
Evan Budaj, Redwood City
Magdalena Cohen, Riverside
Ashley Connell, San Francisco
Pola Crawford, San Jose
Karen Dong, Riverside
Ariana Downing, San Francisco
Bernice Espinoza, Riverside
Corey Farris, San Francisco
Alyson Franklin, Murrieta
William Glanzmann, Riverside
Emily Goldman, San Francisco
Erin Haney, San Francisco
Ryan Hart, Riverside
Akio Katano, San Francisco
Jason Kralovic, Riverside
Kimberly Lutes-Koths, San Francisco
Amir Madjd, Riverside
Rachel Marshall, Oakland
Anita Nabha, San Francisco
Jennifer Noryko, San Francisco
Audrey Owens, Riverside
Rockit Pettijohn, Bakersfield
Alexandra Pray, San Francisco
Sandy Rabadi, Woodland Hills
Manojar Raju, San Francisco
Julian Ross, Martinez
Kelly Sheridan, Los Angeles
Phoenix Streets, San Francisco
J.P. Visaya, San Francisco
Lisa Wong, Riverside
     And lastly there's me.  I have never done my own flags, and colleagues had offered to do them for me but I never took them up on it (actually I did agree to once and even turned over the court prints, but the lawyer that was going to do them went out on maternity leave, so it's very understandable that she couldn't do them).  However, a group of misdemeanor attorneys made me an Ace Frame with a call sign they made up for me (see the History and Rules to learn about call signs) as a present when they all rotated out of misdemeanors (and even though they didn't verify it with court prints, I do have plenty more than five).  So that's what's attached to my name. 
     When lawyers give me their lists of wins I tell them that I need the court prints for two reasons, I need the information on the court prints to make the flags and that every flag I've ever made has been verified with a court print.  At some point it occurred to me that if I'm looking at other lawyers' court prints, then I should look at my own.  So here's mine as well.
Now the just the jury trial aces:
Brian "Bulldog" Cosgrove, RiversideMona "Superstar" Hassani, Palos Verdes EstatesAlexa "The Enforcer" Treichel, Riverside
As for me, I put mine in the list with everyone else's.
Now the felony jury trial aces:
Lives Saved Jury Trial Aces
Saved From 290 Jury Trial Aces
Attempted Murder Trial Aces
Murder Trial Aces
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