R. Addison Steele II, Attorney at Law - Criminal defense attorney in Santa Barbara
Addison Steele has had the
following articles published:
Talking to a Represented Witness, California Defender, Summer, 2013.
California Defender is a quarterly publication by the California Public Defenders Association.  It is distributed to all members to be used as a training tool for the member attorneys and keep them current on developments in the law.
Integrating Neuropsychology into Your Defense 101, California Defender, Spring 2012.
Capital Litigation in Riverside County, Riverside Lawyer Magazine, Volume 60 Number 8, September 2010.
Riverside Lawyer is a monthly publication of the Riverside County Bar Association.  It is distributed to all members of the organization. 
Commentary: The Truth About Why You Cannot Get Your Civil Case out to Trial and the Defense Bar's Responsibilities With Regard to the Situation, Riverside Lawyer Magazine, Volume 58 Number 10, November 2008.
Molestation Cases Need to Have Limits, The Press-Enterprise, Perspective, April 2, 2006.
The Press-Enterprise is an Inland Empire daily newspaper.
Advice for Racists in Court [a satire], The Press-Enterprise, Perspective, February 13, 2005.
The Politics of Hate, Santa Barbara News-Press, Perspective, February 14, 1999.
The Santa Barbara News-Press is a Santa Barbara daily newspaper.
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